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All you need to know about the ice fountain in a spa

Have you ever made use of an ice fountain to cool down after the sauna?

An ice fountain, also ice station, is an essential facility in a modern spa. Indeed, the refreshment with ice is not only a unique experience for guests, but it also provides an immediate feeling of well-being as well as positive long-term effects on health.

Ice fountains can be found in well-equipped modern sauna areas such as the spa of the Hotel Caesius Thermae & SPA Resort. A 4-star superior hotel near the centre of Bardolino, on the eastern shore of Lake Garda; a luxury place where friendliness and harmony define the quality of your stay. Hotel Caesius has not less than 7 indoor pools and a 3,000 m2 spa entirely dedicated to well-being.

In the spa, guests can relax in the sauna, steam bath or enjoy hot baths in the Caesius Thermal Water. Then, after a first refreshment under the experience showers, it`s time for a real cooling and invigorating treatment. We are, of course, talking about the ice fountain, a special bowl in the Frigidarium that provides a drastic change in temperature contrasting the other spa areas. The ice fountain produces ice flakes that are rubbed gently on the skin, leaving a pleasant feeling of well-being and helping to reap the full health benefits of the thermal spa experience.

The ice fountain at the Caesius spa is a real eyecatcher, as the special lighting adds an elegant touch to the white ice and creates an intimate atmosphere, which helps to lift the spirit.

If you also would like to experience the benefits of the ice fountain, visit the spa of the Hotel Caesius Thermae & SPA Resort!

Read more about the Caesius Thermae & Spa here.

The origins of the ice fountain

The ice fountain brings to life the traditional alternation of hot cold therapy, which has been a part of wellness treatments since antiquity. After hot environments like the steam bath or sauna, the body is cooled down in nebulised rooms, showers and, recently also with the help of ice fountains.

This concept dates back to the times of the Vikings, who not only invented the Finnish sauna, but also knew about the positive effects of a thermal shock and immersed themselves in ice-cold water after a sauna session of at least 100°.

How does an ice station work?

An ice fountain continuously produces ice flakes (crushed ice) that fall into a bowl made of glass or stone.

The ice fountain is usually located near the sauna, inside the Frigidarium, where the room temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees. The sudden drop in body temperature after the sauna session provides a pleasant feeling of well-being to the body.

How to use a spa ice fountain

The ice produced by the ice machine can be applied like snow directly to hands and feet, and distributed to the upper and lower limbs, in order to activate the work of blood vessels and capillaries, especially after sauna or steam bath sessions.

The cold temperature not only provides immediate cooling-down, but also a pleasant feeling of psychophysical well-being.

The ice fountain is a sensory experience

The sense of well-being provided by the ice fountain is a comprehensive experience, which involves the senses.
The basin of the ice station can be covered with panels, tiles or mosaic, and special lighting can be used to stimulate the eyes. Combined with chromotherapy, the ice fountain contributes to a relaxing atmosphere that is beneficial to the body.

The peace, silence and tranquillity of the cold room provides a magical and relaxing atmosphere ideal for our hearing, helping to relax the mind.

As for the sense of touch, touching finely crushed ice while rubbing it on the skin leaves an immediate feeling of relaxation throughout the body.

The benefits of an ice fountain in the spa

In addition to the immediate feeling of well-being due to the drastic change in temperature, the use of ice fountains also has medium- to long-term positive effects on our bodies:
  1. stimulates the cell metabolism and improves the vitality and elasticity of the skin
  2. the muscle tissue becomes firmer and more elastic after the sauna
  3. balances body temperature and blood pressure, thus interrupting the sweating process so as not to stress the body too much after hot treatments
  4. strengthens the immune system and stimulates blood circulation
  5. promotes the elimination of toxins

The ice fountain is therefore particularly useful for fighting certain diseases:
  • hypotonia, which means decreased muscle tone
  • asthenia, a state of general physical weakness caused by the reduction or loss of muscle strength leading to fatigue and insufficient reaction to stimuli
  • disorder of the peripheral circulatory system, resulting in reduced blood flow

What to do after the ice fountain?

Having used the ice station, it is best to unwind in the relaxation area with herbal teas or other drinks to hydrate the body and restore lost liquids and minerals. A moment to be enjoyed in total peace and tranquillity to promote the psycho-physical well-being.
Alessandra Tiengo - SPA Director
Alessandra Tiengo - SPA Director Analysing the market in depth, keeping up to date with new trends and listening to guests' needs is our way of offering a comprehensive wellness service.
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