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May 2024
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Caesius Thermal Water Cosmetics

Your daily beauty routine at home

Integrate our beauty products with Caesius Thermal Water into your daily skin care routine to stimulate cell renewal and reduce the signs of ageing.
The complete Caesius Thermal Water cosmetic line is also available at our Beauty Spa.

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Face moisturizer with hyaluronic acid
50 ml | € 35,00
The Face Moisturizer with hyaluronic acid prevents the signs of aging and fights the first wrinkles. For skin that needs hydration, even for delicate skin.
Anti-aging face cream
50 ml | € 47,00
Moisturising and anti-aging face cream that fights and smooths signs of skin aging. It nourishes and hydrates mature skin, without weighing it down.
Face mask with hyaluronic acid
100 ml | € 37,00
Face mask with smoothing effect that stimulates cell renewal. It acts on expression lines and wrinkles and visibly improves the appearance of the complexion. For all skin types.
Hydrating body lotion
200 ml | € 39,00
Hydrates, nourishes and tones the skin. Formulated with natural ingredients that prevent loss of tone and dehydration. After few treatments, the skin will be visibly softer and more elastic and compact. For all skin types.
Cleansing foam
150 ml | € 18,00
Delicate mousse that cleanses and purifies the face. It gives a feeling of freshness and elasticity for a hydrated and velvet skin.
Body Scrub
200 ml | € 42,00
Innovative and effective body scrub with dual functionality: enzymatic and mechanical. Thanks to bamboo microgranules that exfoliate the surface of the skin, the scrub removes dead cells and impurities, leaving a fresh, clean, smooth and soft skin. It promotes cell renewal and better penetration of the active ingredients contained in the products applied subsequently.
Anti-aging face serum with hyaluronic acid
30 ml | € 37,00
The anti-aging face serum with hyaluronic acid stimulates cell renewal, fights and smooths signs of skin aging. A light texture based on natural substances.
Anti-aging eye cream
15 ml | € 35,00
Eye contour cream with smoothing effect that stimulates microcirculation and reduces swelling of this delicate area of the face. Alleviates the look of wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and crow’s feet. For all skin types.
Alessandra Tiengo - SPA Director
Alessandra Tiengo - SPA Director Analysing the market in depth, keeping up to date with new trends and listening to guests' needs is our way of offering a comprehensive wellness service.
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