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May 2024
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May 2024

Caesius Thermal Water

Lake Garda is a tourist destination with an extraordinary offer, able to satisfy every type of traveller. People who are looking for a holiday dedicated to relaxation and wellness have found the right place! Thanks to its numerous hot springs, the lake is indeed a renowned thermal zone. Furthermore, it enjoys a mild climate favourable to the curative properties of these mineral waters.

Another thermal centre of Lake Garda is Bardolino, one of the most renowned resorts on the eastern shore. It boasts a pure and light water sourced from Monte Baldo that is available at the Caesius Thermal Center.
The Caesius thermal water offers a pleasant taste and is a real natural resource. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, silicon and potassium, properties that make it perfect for mineral water, hydrotherapeutic and depurative cures.

For an effect on body and soul, there are various methods to employ this water, which can be taken as a beverage, by inhalation or used for baths and massages. Thanks to its composition and especially to its depurative properties, it is particularly beneficial for cleansing cures, in particular of kidneys and liver, and it has a revitalizing, antibacterial and balancing effect on the organism. Drinking this water, it helps your body to detox and to reduce weight, whereas bathing cures reactivate and regulate blood circulation and favour diuresis. You can enjoy all its benefits at the Caesius Thermal Center, a relaxing oasis born to gather the purity of the thermal water and to make the most out of its properties, favouring your well-being and equilibrium. Here you will also find an exclusive product line based on Caesius thermal water, to take home some extra wellness!
Alessandra Tiengo - SPA Director
Alessandra Tiengo - SPA Director Analysing the market in depth, keeping up to date with new trends and listening to guests' needs is our way of offering a comprehensive wellness service.
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