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Lake Garda Tours, Activities and Excursions

Nature, culture, sport and leisure

Discover all experiences designed by Europlan!
A wide range of experiences to discover the most beautiful places of Lake Garda and surroundings.
From Lake Garda boat trips to wine tastings and guided tours to outdoor activities, there is something for everyone!
All experiences can be booked online or at the reception desk.

Experience Lake Garda
Sport climbing in Marciaga
Enjoy this experience along the side of Costermano's mountains, a natural gym of Lake Garda that attracts climbing lovers from all over the Veneto region
160,00 €
Canova Wine Experience
Wine Tasting and visit to the Masi Wine Discovery Museum in Lazise on Lake Garda. A multimedia journey into the world of wine, its values and origins.
30,00 €
Canyoning in Val d'Adige
Jump into mountain creeks through amazing canyons, gorges, rock slides and waterfalls. Adventure, adrenaline and fun in the province of Verona!
70,00 €
Hands kneading the dough
Cooking Class with Wine Tasting in Lazise
Learn how to make Italian homemade pasta, gnocchi, risotto, ravioli and sauces from scratch and enjoy two regional wines of Lake Garda.
70,00 €
From grape to glass
Join our culinary tour to Le Fraghe Winery in Cavaion Veronese, visit its vineyards and cellar, and enjoy a wine tasting and delicious regional food.
35,00 €
Sensory Wine Experience
Visit to the La Fraghe Winery in Cavaion, on the eastern shore of the lake. With vineyard and cellar tour, aroma game and tasting of 4 wines and local produce.
48,00 €
Wine and oil tasting at Bonamini and Monte Tondo
Guided tour of 2 oil mills and 1 winery with tastings, not far from Verona and Lake Garda. Savour regional specialities and find out about the production process.
28,00 €
Wine tasting in Valpolicella: Farina Wines
Wine tasting in the hinterland of Lake Garda. Visit to the vineyards, winery, cellar and tasting of 6 famous wines and regional specialities.
30,00 €
Monte del Frà Wine Tasting
Discover the wines of Lake Garda and Valpolicella: visit the vineyard and the winery in Custoza and enjoy a tasting of white and red wines. Possibility of lunch.
56,00 €
Recchia Wine Tasting
Guided tour and tasting at the Recchia Winery. Visit the oil mill, the vineyards, the cellar, and enjoy a tasting of Valpolicella wines with other local produce!
25,00 €
Wine tasting Terradeiforti
Savour the typical wines of the Veneto and Trentino regions. Visit the vineyard and the wine cellar, and enjoy a wine tasting of representive Terradeiforti wines.
20,00 €
Grappa and wine tasting
Guided tour of an oil mill and distillery on northern Lake Garda to enjoy local specialities such as olive oil, wine and grappa.
20,00 €
E-bike tour with wine tasting in Valpolicella
An e-bike cycling experience to discover the flavours of the Veneto region and the beautiful scenery of the Valpolicella.
95,00 €
E-bike tour with wine tasting in the Lake Garda hills
Cycling tour in the scenic morainic hills on the southern shore, discovering the history and culinary specialities of the Veneto region. With cellar tour.
95,00 €
Enotour Borgo dei Posseri
Join an innovative multi-sensory wine tour in the vineyards of the Borgo dei Posseri farm, including Lake Garda Trentino wine tastings.
30,00 €
Lake Garda Tour by bus and ferry
An excursion on Lake Garda to discover its most picturesque towns by bus and ferry, a chance to spend a day among enchanting landscapes.
54,00 €
Isola del Garda
Half-day excursion to reach by speedboat the fascinating island in the middle of the lake, Isola del Garda, and to discover its enchanting villa and park.
35,00 €
Masi Wine Experience
Wine tasting with a visit to Cantine Masi and Tenuta Serego Alighieri, a symbol of Valpolicella's wine-making history. A journey to discover the secrets of wine.
40,00 €
Art & Wine Experience in Valpolicella
Enjoy a guided vineyard tour, a visit of the historic villa and a tasting of 4 Valpolicella wines with possibility of lunch. Halfway between Verona and Lake Garda.
35,00 €
Horse Riding and wine tasting in the hills of Lake Garda
Explore the Custoza wine country with a ride through the vineyards on horseback and round off your day with a tasting of 3 wines and local produce.
85,00 €
Picnic in the Valpolicella hills
Enjoy a picnic in the vineyards of Palazzo Montanari villa, savouring excellent regional specialities and a bottle of local wine, relaxing in the middle of the nature.
40,00 €
Picnic in the moraine hills of Lake Garda
Vineyard Picnic at the Monte del Frà winery in Custoza, halfway between Verona and Lake Garda. Guided cellar tour and delicious picnic with a view.
37,00 €
Il Tralcio Vineyard Picnic
Visit to the Ricchi Wine Cellar and 4-course picnic with bottle of wine in the beautiful rolling vineyards between Mantua and Lake Garda.
30,00 €
Platinum Cruise
A day on board the San Nicolò sailboat to discover the sights of scenic Lake Garda, with stopover in Sirmione.
70,00 €
San Nicolò Cruise
Sailing Lake Garda among the most beautiful places and picturesque sceneries. How? With our sailboat tour aboard the historic San Nicolò vessel.
40,00 €
San Nicolò Private Cruise
Rent the vintage sailing boat San Nicolò for a special occasion and customize your boat trip according to your wishes.
515,00 €
Sunset Cruise
The Sunset Cruise, the perfect blend of a pleasant aperitif at sunset and a fascinating sailing trip on the last two-master still cruising on Lake Garda.
30,00 €
Bardolino Wine Tasting Tour
A half-day tour from grapes to wine in the production area of Bardolino; it includes the visit to 2 local wineries with tasting.
99,00 €
Lake Garda wine tour with tasting
5 half-day wine tours to get to know the picturesque wine regions of Lake Garda and surroundings: Bardolino, Valpolicella, Lugana, Valtenesi and Trentino.
99,00 €
Lugana Wine Tasting Tour
A half-day tour among wine traditions and tastings in the production area of Lugana. Private excursion with stop in 2 wineries and wine tastings.
105,00 €
Trentino Wine Tasting Tour
Live an unforgettable tasting experience and get to know Trentino wines with this guided half-day tour from lake Garda.
123,00 €
Valpolicella Wine Tasting Tour
A route in the classical Valpolicella with guided visits in two wineries and tastings of Valpolicella wines along with local treats.
113,00 €
Valtenesi Wine Tasting Tour
A half-day wine experience on the west coast of lake Garda to discover the land of Valtenesi and its wines.
138,00 €
Valpolicella quad tour with wine tasting
A quad tour to discover the beautiful Valpolicella scenery and to savour the best products of Veneto region.
155,00 €
Dolomites tour from Lake Garda
Your day trip from Lake Garda to the Dolomites, UNESCO world heritage, amidst marvellous mountains, panoramic spots and breathtaking landscapes.
60,00 €
Day trip to Venice from Lake Garda
What to see in Venice in one day? Join this excursion from Lake Garda to discover the enchanting beauty of the city and its Lagoon!
77,00 €
Verona Day Tour
Fall in love with the beauty of the city of Romeo and Juliet in just one day! Travel with us from Lake Garda for a wonderful tour of Verona.
42,00 €
Verona guided tour
Enjoy a guided tour of the fascination historic centre of Verona. Our expert tour guide will show you the fascinating romantic medieval town and you will love it!
25,00 €
Boat Tour on lake Garda: Sunset Tour
Join an experience on board an electric motorboat and enjoy your boat trip among the beauties of the Sirmione peninsula with toast as the sun sets.
10,00 €
Canoe tour on Lake Garda or in Val d'Adige
Enjoy a canoe or kayak tour for discovering the natural beauties of Veneto region. An experience to explore the territory from another point of view.
35,00 €
Tour Sirmione Peninsula
A boat tour along the marvels of Sirmione Peninsula such as the Maria Callas Villa, the Catullus Grottoes, the thermal baths and Sirmione Castle.
10,00 €
Private Tour Florence
Take a train from Verona to Florence and embark on a private excursion to discover the main landmarks of this marvelous city in one day.
177,00 €
Private Tour Rome
An excursion to savour all the majesty and timeless charm of Rome in one day.
292,00 €
Private Tour Venice
Travel with us from lake Garda to Venice for a private excursion. Discover this enchanting city through a walking tour and an unmissable gondola ride.
130,00 €
Private Tour Verona
Enjoy a private excursion of one day in the wonderful town of Verona, discover the city center and its monuments through a 3-hour guided tour.
100,00 €
Private boat trip on Lake Garda
Enjoy a private boat trip and discover the most beautiful places of Lake Garda. Rent a motorboat including skipper and get off to an exclusive excursion on the water.
380,00 €
Trentino Gourmet Private Tour
A food & wine experience in Trentino to savour local delicacies such as Balsamico Trentino, "carne salada", typical cheeses, cold-cuts, grappas and wines.
280,00 €
Veneto Gourmet Private Tour
Join a food & wine excursion with 3 stops and taste some typical treats of Veneto: olive oil, cold-cuts and Valpolicella wines.
260,00 €
Cru Stefanoni Wine Experience
Guided tour and tasting of Cru wines & sparkling wines at Cantina Ricchi in the hills of Mantua. Visit the cellars and enjoy top wines in a picturesque scenery.
15,00 €
Visit to a balsamic vinegar factory in the Trentino region
A culinary experience to discover the regional and local specialities of northern Lake Garda. From wine to oil and vinegar, from cheese to cold cuts and more.
13,00 €
Farina Food and Wine Tour
Visit to the vineyards and cellar with culinary experience to savour local specialities and wines in the hinterland of Lake Garda. With visit to the vineyards and winery.
50,00 €
The flavours of Terradeiforti
Savour the typical food & wine specialities of the Veneto and Trentino regions. You'll visit the vineyard, the cellar and enjoy a wine tasting with lunch or dinner.
75,00 €
Wine & Waves Cruise
Boat trip with tasting of wines and food specialities on board the beautiful San Nicolò at sunset - a truly memorable experience during your Lake Garda holiday!
65,00 €
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