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Treatments at the Caesius Thermal Water Centre

Water plays an important role in our body, as it restores and maintains psychophysical balance. In the form of spring water, it helps to tone and regenerate the body, providing a sense of healthful well-being. Here is our interview with Dr Graziano Spagnol, specialist in orthopaedics, sports medicine and physiatry, medical director of the Caesius Thermal Centre and Spa in Bardolino, Lake Garda.

Interview with Dr Graziano Spagnol, medical director of the Caesius Thermal Centre:

1. First of all, what is the role of a medical director in a spa?
Primarily, I take care of the health of our guests. After a first visit, I prescribe suitable treatments that meet the specific requirements. But my job does not end there: I follow up and control the entire course of treatments to ensure that therapeutic goals will be achieved. I also check the health status of my colleagues and train our staff members. Last but not least, I take care of all the bureaucratic certifications with the authorities to ensure the highest safety standards in the spa.

2. Caesius Thermal Water springs from the slopes of Monte Baldo. Tell us more...
The origins go back to the Ice Age about one hundred thousand years ago, when the glaciers retreated and large quantities of minerals were set free. Minerals, we find today in the aquifers from which the Caesius thermal water is taken. In fact, we extract our water from three different aquifers, which allows us to obtain water at 16 degrees and rich in minerals, that is used, without changing its composition, in our thermal water pools at 34 degrees, the perfect temperature to ensure the well-being of our guests. The result is a true gift of nature as it contains the right percentages of the carbonic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, silicon and potassium.

3. What treatments and therapies are recommended with these properties?
The Caesius thermal water has purifying and diuretic effects and is also useful for the prevention of oropharyngeal diseases. The Caesius offers various ways to make use of the water and to feel the positive effects on body and mind. It can be taken as a drink, inhaled, used for thermal baths and for massages. Caesius Thermal Water is also particularly useful for the treatment of cellulite.

Everything we offer is designed to pamper the guests and meet their needs with a complete, tailor-made programme.
The following treatments and cures are available in our Thermae & Spa area:

Drinking cures . As a beverage, Caesius Thermal Water has an important diuretic effect on the kidneys. It also stimulates gastric and pancreatic secretion, improves digestion and food absorption, neutralises the excess acid in the stomach and blood, cleanses the liver and reduces the formation and accumulation of fat. Drinking thermal water thus helps the body to purify and reduce weight.

Balneotherapy. The Hotel Caesius boasts five different thermal water pools. One of them is filled with hypersaline and one with hyposaline water. The treatment begins with the immersion in salt water. The other three pools are used afterwards, to clean the body from the salt to prevent dry skin. Thermal water baths bring numerous benefits and are particularly recommended for combating cellulite as they improve microcirculation.

The showers come with different forms, temperatures and types of water pressure. Enhanced with the addition of essences and lightings, they have stimulating, calming, regenerating and purifying effects and provide benefits for the respiratory tract, the circulatory system, the digestive system and the nervous system. They are also helpful in cases of anxiety or depression, poisoning, pharyngitis, bronchitis, digestive problems and circulatory disorders.

Cold plunge pool . Immersion in cold water after a steam bath, sauna or massage stimulates the circulation, the lymphatic system and strengthens the entire organism. The cold tub is beneficial for circulatory disorders with cold extremities, frequent colds and winter illnesses.

Inhalations. The inhalation of a fine spray of pure or salty thermal water has cleansing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. Useful for chronic and allergic rhinitis, otitis, rhinogenic deafness, sinusitis, tracheobronchitis and asthma.

Body care. To make the most of its properties, we have also developed a complete line of cosmetic products with Caesius Thermal Water, from face cleanser to body cream.

Rehabilitation . Thermal baths in the individual tub are often used for rehabilitation as part of physiotherapy. Rehabilitation is indispensable in the treatment of muscle or tendon problems and arthritic diseases of the shoulders, knees, spine and hips.

4. The scenic surroundings of the spa also help increase mental well-being. A not insignificant advantage, isn't it? After all, Lake Garda has always been considered a place of well-being....
We enjoy an impressive natural landscape, mild climate and clean air, which is favourable for the psychophysical well-being of all guests, but especially smokers, because they can enjoy a true cleansing of the lungs on Lake Garda. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the local administrations who have helped to provide the area with all kinds of amenities and services to make the most of Lake Garda's heritage.

Find out more about the Caesius Thermal Centre here
Mario Celebrano - Direttore Sanitario
Mario Celebrano - Direttore Sanitario I take care of our guests to ensure they are getting the most beneficial treatments and therapies.
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