Personalized Diet

At the Hotel Cæsius, after having been seen by competent and experienced medical personnel, the guests will be able to adopt a personalised diet, in line with the body’s needs and one’s own personal tastes, taking care with regards to the general condition of the individual and respecting any possible health problems.

All of this in a relaxed, welcoming, comfortable and healthy environment.
At the Hotel Cæsius, nutrition is physiological and natural, rich in vegetable fibres, enzymes and vitamins. It is composed of foods cultivated according to biological agriculture laws, rehabilitating tastes toward pleasant and beneficial traditional foods, rebalancing body functions, restorative and at the same time slimming, and, only if necessary, weight losing.

Professional consultant for a correct diet

A doctor, specialised in Food Science, will prescribe you with a personalised programme for a correct diet or a weight-losing diet, depending on your build and condition.