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Initial medical consultation
50 Minutes  100,00 Euros


Botox is used to eradicate frown-lines, crow’s-feet and wrinkles on the forehead. The end-result is similar to a face-lift leaving a much more relaxed and open expression and a completely natural appearance. The face appears smoother and younger due to the reduction of frown-lines and wrinkles.
Prices from 250.00 Euros
for a top-up
Prices from 400.00 Euros
for a full treatment

Jaluronic Acid

Jaluronic Acid is a natural substance normally present in the human body which has hydrating and firming properties. As one gets older there is a reduction in this substance resulting in wrinkles and other signs of ageing. This cosmetic treatment using Jaluronic Acid brings back vitality to one’s skin and when used by a medical expert bestows a younger-looking appearance in a completely natural way. Different preparations of Jaluronic Acid are available and the Doctor will make his choice according to skin type, depth of the wrinkles and what end-result is required.

Jaluronic Acid – Wrinkle Treatment

This treatment is especially suited to the younger age group, 35/40 years old, when the very first superficial lines and wrinklesbegin to appear. This is a simple procedure and results are immediate.

Prices from 280.00 to 480.00 Euros

Jaluronic Acid – Lip and face plumping

This is suitable for younger skins that do not have particular problems of ageing but require more definition to their lips and cheek-bones. The end-result has a totally natural lifting effect. This treatment does not cause puffiness in any form.

Prices vary from 280.00 to 480.00 Euros

Jaluronic Acid – Medical Lift Effect

This is a treatment suitable for all ages but particularly for those who are showing the first signs of loose facial skin. This treatment results in a perfectly natural look with no puffiness and the acid is used in the area between the temples and the cheek-bones. When used by medical experts this treatment offers excellent results even just after the first session and can be used in conjunction with botox for an even more complete and natural effect.

Prices vary from 480.00 to 650.00 Euros

Jaluronic Acid – Breast and Body Treatment

This is a highly innovative and safe treatment for restoring tone and volume to the breasts without reverting to surgery and by means of a simple local anesthetic. The end effect can result in up to a size larger in volume at the same time as reinstating tone and firmness to both the breasts and the buttocks.

Prices from 230.00 Euros


Biostimulation treatment is a treatment combining both Jaluronic Acid and vitamins and is used for recuperating and maintaining younger skin by means of the reconstruction and reorganization of the skin’s structure. This procedure improves the skin’s elasticity and turgidity of the coetaneous tissues , the skin’s tone is visibly enhanced contrasting the work of free radicals.  A special Jaluronic acid which is extremely elastic is injected into the upper superficial layers of the skin, this then hydrates and tones the skin stimulating the production of collagen but without causing puffiness.

Prices from 180.00 to 280.00 Euros

Laser Fraction Co2

This is a revolutionary new treatment particularly indicated not only for skins that have lost their tone, turgidity and luminosity but also for the removal of blemishes and the elimination of acne and acne-scars. This treatment is painless: there is a very slight redness after the treatment which disappears after just a few hours or at the most one day. An extremely effective treatment for the elimination of blemishes and facial imperfections.

Prices from 250.00 Euros

Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is a treatment that stimulates exfoliation and the removal of the damaged outer layers of the skin by means of the application of a chemical substance on the skin’s surface leaving the skin looking and feeling healthy, young and fresh. Chemical solutions are carefully applied to your skin to improve the texture and stimulate the following results: Stimulates the regeneration of skin cells by the removal and exfoliation of dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin’s surface. Eliminates the damaged cells from the skin which are then replaced with new epidermic cells. Your face will be left looking younger, smoother and healthier.

Soft Peeling from 250.00 Euros

Medical medium-deep peeling from 250.00 Euros