Chiropractic medicine for your best shape.

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Chiropractic medicine for your best shape.

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Chiropractic medicine for your best shape.

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To us, treating you in the best possible way also means offering you chiropractic treatments.

At the Hotel Caesius, wellness also means experiencing professional, careful and attentive chiropractic massages.

Chiropractic, from greek Kheir (hand) and Eupraxia (heal), is a scientific discipline which studies and effectively treats musculoskeletal aches, specifically focusing on those along the spinal column. Through diagnostic aids and the use of the most specific therapeutic manual techniques – among which the vertebral manipulation – the chiropractor is able to fix and often solve many dysfunctional issues of the skeletal body. This is a profession that is very popular in most European countries, while in the USA it represents the main alternative medicine for the treatment of painful syndromes.

At the Medical Centre you will only find extremely qualified staff, trained in such a way that they will be able to offer you the best out of this discipline with a touch of sensitivity and care, which denotes the meticulous way we relate to you.

Let us know what you need, we will be happy to understand with our professionals whether you may need this treatment or not and, eventually, book you an appointment.

  • Conditions Treated


    Initial medical consultation with diagnosis and therapy plan. Appointment on request and depending on availability

    40 minutes

    70,00 Euros

    20 minutes

    70,00 Euros

    Conditions Treated:

    Low Bach Pain (lombalgia): More than 80% of people who seek chiropractic help complain of low back pain which in most cases is a long term presentation. Spinal conditions account for one the main causes of absenteeism from work indeed to be considered a proper and true social pathology. Pain is often presents as a general symptom despite the existence of several different types of back pain mainly dived into chronic and acute. Degenerative back pain, scientifically called osteoarthritis, represents the most frequent chronic presentation where symptoms are usually diffuse over the entire low back and it tends to be associates with heavy work categories. Lumbar disc herniation is surely the most common and severe of the acute low back presentation. Both chronic and acute back conditions can find restoration and great degrees of improvement with chiropractic care.

    Neck pain (cervicalgia): About 20% of pain presentation are confined to the neck region. Low grade long term neck symptoms is often associated with sedentary employments where instead acute neck presentation is more often related to a strain type of injury. Dizziness, ear noise, headache and arm pain or numbness can all easily be neck adjunctive symptoms. Cervical disc herniation is among the most severe and self-limiting neck pathology. Chiropractic care can cure helping to gain back functionality and alleviate pain around the area of complaint.

    Whiplash: Traumatic presentation as a whiplash is not just a car related type of accidents but indeed it can also be the result of any neck trauma like in sport injury. Pain, stiffness, headache, vertigo and nausea are just few of the symptoms that can accompany this type of presentation. Chiropractic care can minimize and often correct the area of dysfunction.

    Headache: About 20% of patients complain of headache. A thorough examination helps define the correct category of headache and address it accordingly. There are several categories of headache:

    • tension or muscular
    • neuralgia
    • sinusitis
    • allergies
    • mandibular dysfunction
    • neck dysfunction

    Temporo-mandibular disorders: Over a third of all brain activities are used in the management process of chewing and swallowing. Individuals who suffer from pure mouth occlusion often complain of pain around the area or irradiation to the neck region. Chiropractic together in conjunction to the dentist can help define and solve these type of presentations.

    Shoulder pain: Shoulder joint being able to move freely among all range of movements represents the most mobile joint of our body. Each movement of this articulation is the combined result of scapular, clavicle and arm movements thanks to the recruitment of 23 main muscles. Most shoulder dysfunction are over use type of presentation therefore long term presentation. Acute can also occur especially in sports activities. Chiropractic aims to alleviate and rehabilitate most shoulder presentations.

    Carpal tunnel presentation: Carpal tunnel syndrome accounts for about 2% of all patients presentations. Pain is caused by direct pressure on the median nerve that runs at the wrist level reaching the hand area. Individuals who suffer from this condition often wake up at night with pain and numbness at the hand region which often travels up the arm. Chiropractic as great successful rate in the treatment of this condition.

    Sport injury: Many people practice sport activities often at professional level unfortunately getting sometimes involved in some degrees of injury. Chiropractic intervenes studying and analysing each sport activity in relation to that particular individual in order to prevent incidence of traumas otherwise provide good care of the unavoidable ones.

    Children and Chiropractic: An important role of Chiropractic concerns interaction with children helping prevent skeletal conditions at a later stage of their life. Child posture analysis and movements observation is at the base of proper prevention.


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Be ready to discover a new meaning to wellness.

To us, it is about covering you with attentions and allowing you to always find us may you need anything, anytime, anywhere. In our Wellness Centre everything has been planned to make sure you remain wide-eyed speechless, while making you experience such strong feelings and emotions that you will believe, even for a moment, that heaven might also be on Earth…and Water.

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The ancient technique key of your well-being

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