caesius acquae

Caesius Acquae

At the Hotel Caesius Thermae Spa the water, in all its forms, has always been the fundamental element for the maintenance and restoration of psychophysical equilibrium, it is able to revive the individual by enveloping, caressing, reassuring, invigorating, strengthening and pleasantly purifying the body.
A vast world of outdoor and indoor swimming pools awaits you!

· Indoor swimming pool of 200 m 2, with water at 33°C
· Indoor hydromassage pool of 80 m 2 with water at 33°C
· Outdoor swimming pool (30m x 16m)
· Outdoor swimming pool (15m x 9m)
· Outdoor swimming pool of 177 m 2 with hydromassage
· Outdoor children’s swimming pool of 80 m 2
· Outdoor children’s swimming pool of 25 m 2