We won’t leave you alone, even when you will have to decide what is best for you!

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We won’t leave you alone, even when you will have to decide what is best for you!

offers booking

We won’t leave you alone, even when you will have to decide what is best for you!

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We won’t leave you alone, even when you will have to decide what is best for you!

offers booking

We won’t leave you alone, even when you will have to decide what is best for you!

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Crafted to make you feel good, crafted to make you feel beautiful.

At the Hotel Caesius we treat every kind of beauty in the way it deserves, giving it the nurture it needs to shine and flourish as it is supposed to.

This means taking advantage of expert staff and techniques that often finds its inspiration in long-gone times.
For this reason we propose true sensorial experiences such as the milk and honey baths, or the Californian massage: a deep treatment that reaches the soul.
As homage to Lake Garda, we propose massages with olive oil and red grape for regenerating, draining and delightful massages.

Expert Advice:

We won’t leave you alone, even when you will have to decide what is best for you. Our staff will be happy to prepare a personalised plan with a well-focused aim: you, in perfect shape.


  • Facial Treatments
    Skinesis Signature High Definition Facial

    The Cæsius Beauty Centre is pleased to offer its guests a special facial treatment which is perfectly adaptable to every skin type. This treatment is personally made-up on the spot and is based on the needs of the individual. Thanks to the great experience and knowledge in the art of beauty of Sabina Bonvissuto this treatment uses powders, oils, creams and masks to give back elasticity to the skin creating a luminous skin-tone and a transparent look to the face. A real touch of magic for a beauty treatment which will suit every woman today!

    80 minutes

    Euros 206,00
    Skinesis High Definition Facial

    An exclusive anti-ageing treatment, ideal for devitalized skin and perfect before any special event, this extraordinary beauty treatment uses an intelligent combination of gentle peelings, powerful cosmeceutical serums and soothing masks that stimulates the cells renewal and the natural production of collagen and elastin. An extraordinary revitalizing treatment that perfects, brightens and firms giving a radiant and toned skin with the signature Skinesis glow.

    60 min

    Euro 190,00
    Skinesis Skin Tone Perfecting Treatment

    A treatment that targets age spots and sun damage with potent antioxidants and botanical skin brighters (Uva Ursina, Emblica, Tricholoma Matsutake) that act on the deep layers of the skin and discolourations improving an healthy and luminous look. The powerful combination of lactic and phytic acids, aminoacids, hyaluronic acid, and stem cells from lilac flowers (of renowned anti-inflammatory properties) gently exfoliate and regenerate your skin, maximizing the natural process of cells renewal and deep hydration. Your skin looks clearer and brighter, improves appearance of age spots and blemish marking. Skin tone appears more even.

    60 min

    Euro 80,00
    Skinesis Intense Hydrating Treatment

    An intense hydrating treatment that increases hydration levels promoting your skin’s natural defenses reducing the effects of cellular oxidation. The application of a superior hydrating formula made from hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight, rose water, Bioecolia, and betaglucan gives an immediate sensation of pleasure to the skin. Skin appears plump, dewy and instantly refreshed. Visibly plumps the look of wrinkles soften, fine lines and crepiness. A sublime fusion of science, nature, and luxury in a highly-effective treatment that blesses your skin with long-lasting results.

    60 min

    Euro 90,00
    Skinesis Firming and Smoothing Treatment

    An anti-ageing treatment for a lifting effect that gives your skin a radiant and relaxed look. The application of an antioxidant and firming vitamins cocktail (vitamins A – D – E) combined with the special techniques of the “Skinesis Signature Massage” immediately plumps, smooths and rejuvenates your skin. This treatment re-densifies skin and really targets multiple signs of ageing such as deep lines and relaxed skin. The application of a luxurious soothing mask infused with protein skin tighteners, algae, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and
    rose water will promote a younger looking complexion.

    60 min

    Euro 150,00
    Skinesis Signature Massage

    The sophisticated massage techniques of the “Skinesis Massage” performed by experienced hands and finger movements that flower into a special form of facial gymnastics. An intelligent combination of French massage, different hand movements, and repetitive movements, it acts on the connecting tissues so as to re-educate the muscles, eliminating toxins and excess fluid in tissues for an extraordinary and visible lifting effect, leaving your skin nourished, soft and radiant.

    30 min

    Euro 50,00
    Petales D’Eau treatment - (a soothing treatment for delicate and sensitive skin)

    Enjoy the regenerating effects of Orange Blossoms, Aloe Vera, and Chamomile during this treatment, which is ideal for moisturizing, soothing, and removing irritations from the face. A full facial cleansing is included in this treatment

    60 min

    Euro 120,00
    Age-Repair (Regenerating anti-wrinkle treatment)*

    An ultra-intensive anti-wrinkle treatment for stressed, mature or sun-damaged skin. The treatment stimulates a profound regeneration of the skin using active ingredients of plant stem cells. This treatment has a liftingeffect, smoothing-out wrinkles, moisturising and toning the skin leaving it compact, luminous and smooth to the touch- perfect!

    60 minutes

    Euros 165,00
    Elasticity treatment ‘Cæsius Thermæ Spa’

    The treatment combines the beneficial properties of the thermal waters from our spring, with the manual skills of our specialist staff to enhance the beauty of undernourished, sensitive skin, with little elasticity. It is the ‘treatment’ for excellence.

    65 minutes

    Euros 93,00
    Cleansing facial

    A gentle cleansing facial that leaves the skin particularly hydrated and luminous. Cleanses and soothes. Suitable for all skin types.

    50 minutes

    Euros 61,00
    Purifying with vitamins (treatment using vitamins from Mediterranean fruits)

    This intensive treatment encourages the skin to absorb the active elements contained in the natural extracts of selected Mediterranean fruits. As well as cleansing, this treatment stimulates the renewal of skin cells, resulting in a fresh, luminous and smooth skin.

    45 minutes

    Euros 68,00
    Nourishing (anti-age prevention treatment)

    Amazing anti-age treatment thanks to the use of oil of Jojoba and rice-bran extract which are both rich in Omega 3 and 6. This treatment nourishes the skin and prevents the signs of ageing. The skin is left soft and beautiful.

    60 minutes

    Euros 88,00

  • Baths and Body Wraps

    THE “RASUL” The clay ritual
    The regenerative technique of the Ancient Roman thermal baths is a treatment with extremely purifying powers due to 3 different types of warm clay being applied to the face, neck and body, that help to eliminate toxins. The skilled combination of the four elements, water, fire, earth and steam, allow one to relive the intoxicating experience of the ancient ritual.
    The increase in temperature aids the drying out of the clay on the skin with ‘dry’ absorption, so that the subsequent introduction of steam restores the clay to its liquid state, allowing it to be absorbed through the skin. Finally a tropical rain with essential oils comes into contact, first with the layer of humid clay and then with the body’s skin, facilitating the absorption of the properties of both components with great effectiveness. Detoxifying and rehydrating for the skin, the Oriental ‘Rasul’ Bath also brings benefits to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, improving general psychophysical conditions.

    • 1 person, 60 mins. Price: 66.00 Euros
    • 2 people, 75 mins. Price: 41.00 Euros per person
    • 3 people, 75 mins. Price: 31.00 Euros per person

    ORIGINAL MOROCCAN HAMMAM - An ancient purification ritual
    The tradition of the Turkish Bath dates back 800 years and its origins lie in the Orient where both mind and body bathe in the warm atmosphere and softly-lit Hammam. The ritual begins by preparing and cleansing the skin with black soap before entering the warm room heated by a continuous flow of aromatic steam, this is followed by a pleasurable exfoliation massage of the skin whilst lying on a heated marble bed. The body is then washed with warm water and then covered with special oils to conclude the treatment.

    • for 1 person, approx. 60 mins. 81.00 Euros
    • for 2 people, approx. 90 mins. 132.00 Euros



    Moisturising, protecting, softening, nourishing and smoothing body treatment. Ideal for dry and dehydrated skin.

    45 min

    Euros 71,00

    Purifying and remineralising body treatment. The addition of salt stimulates osmotic action, resulting in the elimination of excess liquids.

    45 min

    Euros 71,00

    Body treatment with a draining, detoxifying and soothing effect for those who have problems with cellulite, water retention and excess localised fat. The effect is long-lasting.

    45 min

    Euros 71,00

    Relaxing, softening, smoothing and elasticising body treatment.

    20 min

    Euros 33,00

    This is a draining and toning treatment that aids muscular tension.

    20 min

    Euros 33,00
  • Oleumvitis

    Thermal treatments with the red grapes of Bardolino

    The Hotel Cæsius Thermæ Spa offers the possibility of treatments with revitalising, invigorating and energising effects. Peelings, masks and creams used in the treatments are made exclusively from grapes and grape stalks from our own vineyards.
    The treatments are aimed at revitalising capillary vessels and improving circulation; performed by experienced hands, they give your skin a brightness, tonicity and beauty that is visible after even the first applications.

    ‘Soft’ treatment with grapes
    • Body peeling with red grapes
    • Body wrap with red grapes, in a waterbed
    • Body massage with grapeseed oil and red grape body cream

    100 minutes

    Euros 142,00
    Intensive treatment with grapes
    • Body peeling with red grapes
    • Hydromassage bath with salts and red grapes
    • Body wrap with red grapes, in a waterbed
    • Body massage with grapeseed oil and red grape body cream

    120 minutes

    Euros 175,00
  • Olhidra

    Thermal treatments with Bardolino olive oil

    The Hotel Cæsius Thermæ Spa offers a series of draining and regenerating treatments with olive oil. The olive oil from our own local olive groves has been used to create pure, natural products without preservatives, ideal for bringing the skin numerous benefits contained in this rich quality fruit. A pleasantly oily peeling will make your skin beautiful and bright, ready to be covered in a nourishing body wrap. A massage with the olive oil products will conclude the treatment, leaving you with moisturised and vitalised skin.

    “Soft” olive oil treatment
    • Body peeling with olive stone granules
    • Hydromassage bath with salts and olive extracts
    • Body massage with olive oil and olive body cream

    90 min

    Euros 119,00
    Full body olive oil treatment
    • Face and body peeling with olive stone granules
    • Olive oil face and body wrap in a waterbed
    • Face, body and scalp massage with olive oil and olive body cream

    120 min

    Euros 165,00
    SPECIAL FOR MEN - Olive oil and grape treatment
    • Body peeling with olive stone granules
    • Body wrap with red grapes, in a waterbed
    • Body massage with olive oil and olive body cream

    100 min

    Euros 142,00

    This facial treatment performs a nourishing, softening, soothing action and bestows brilliance, pliancy, and softness to sensitive skin. Recommended for men and women of all ages.

    50 min

    Euros 89,00
  • Body Rituals

    Recommended in cases of water retention, oedema and, swelling and heaviness of the lower limbs. It is a remarkably effective technique to optimise blood and lymphatic circulation and deep tissue drainage.
    The body reacquires a feeling of lightness, agility and well-being.

    40 min

    euros 56,00
    Mud Therapy (thermal mud treatment “Caesius)

    The cosmetic and healing properties of thermal mud have been well known since ancient Roman times. The active elements of the mud from the thermal baths of Cisano, together with the work of expert hands, enable us to obtain visible slimming results and firm smooth skin.

    55 min

    euros 76,00
    Thalassothys (Thalasso anti-cellulite treatment “Caesius”)

    Complete programme studied to detoxify, drain and eliminate the different typology of cellulite. Dermatological tests show its extraordinary effectiveness and results.

    50 min

    euros 71,00
    Silhouette (slimming algae treatment)

    Marine algae, and in particular laminaria algae, have the power to speed up the metabolism of areas with fatty tissue and cellulite, the draining of toxins and therefore progressive elimination of localised defects.

    50 min

    euros 71,00
    Raffermissante (Firming treatment with vitamins and Karitè butter)R

    The active ingredients of Caritè butter and Vitamins from the B group together produce an efficient toning and revitalizing action for the body neutralizing the free radicals.

    60 min

    euros 76,00
    Aromatic Body Touch (anti-stress treatment)

    Complete sensory involvement helps break down tension and prepares the body for other personalised treatments.

    60 min

    euros 76,00
    Toning breast- treatment

    Gives firmness and elasticity. The active principles increase the compactness and firmness of the tissues.

    45 min

    euros 64,00
    Complete body scrub

    Peeling is an excellent treatment to smooth out and improve the skin’s appearance. The skin becomes smooth and fresh looking. To obtain the best results it is advisable to complete the treatment with a massage.

    35 min

    euros 46,00
    Thalasso Termal Peeling “Caesius”

    A re-newing and draining body peeling leaving the body luminous and compact using marine salts and special oils, we advise a draining or anti-stress massage to follow.

    45 min

    euros 64,00
    Complete anti-stress massage and scrub for the whole body

    An exfoliant treatment using principle active ingredients that leaves the skin soft, silky and completely renewed. This treatment concludes with a relaxing massage.

    70 min

    Euros 88,00

    This treatment uses special caffeine based thermal muds that reduce the effects of cellulite and have a toning effect on the tissue. These effects stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, which consequently increases oxygenation and helps your body eliminate toxins and retained fluids. The treatments does not affect the endocrine system.

    50 min

    euros 71.00
  • Emotional Massages
    Ritual massage “Cherry blossoms"

    The Ritual Massage is a complete body treatment consisting of a particularly relaxing massage that reinstates a perfect psychophysical balance by means of a long, deep and powerful massage.

    This treatment is particularly indicated for those suffering from stress, tension and anxiousness, it stimulates blood circulation and rebalances the energy flow which in turn regenerates and purifies the body.

    50 Min

    euros 76,00
    Hot balm candle massage (a wonderful well-being ritual)

    This ritual includes the sensation of soothing fragrances whilst the warmth of the balm together with the pleasure of the massage penetrate and work wonders on your skin. The prestigious Karitè butters: coconut, aloe vera, chocolate and almonds are worked by heat and united with aromatic oils and specific principle ingredients nurture, restructure and regenerate the skin; particularly dry or stressed skin or skin that has been exposed to and damaged by the sun and/or solarium. Skin is left looking and feeling compact, toned, luminous and deliciously perfumed.

    50 min

    euros 71,00

    This is a practice that creates a powerful and inexhaustible flow of energy through the body. Every lack of vital energy within the body becomes filled with new strength in a short amount of time. The body’s organs go through a period of complete cellular regeneration. All the emotions blocked inside the body, and responsible for illnesses, emerge to the surface conscience. The mind works with lucidity and clarity and all waste and toxins are expelled.

    50 min

    euros 71,00
  • Massotherapy
    Hot Stone Massage (massage with hot stones)

    An extremely pleasant and relaxing massage using smooth basalt stones and the aid of essential oils. Fruit of an ancient oriental culture, it helps natural drainage and deep relaxation. It also relieves tension.
    The feeling of psychophysical well-being obtained is high and long-lasting.

    60 min

    euros 88,00
    Full Comfort (relaxant massage)

    This is a delicate and comforting massage. With the use of white mud, combined with relaxing techniques (from the scalp to the feet area), it gives total relaxation.

    50 min

    euros 76,00
    Anti-Stress (relaxation massage)

    Relaxing and winding-down, it is orientated at restoring that energy equilibrium which an excess exposure to stress can jeopardise.

    50 min

    euros 66,00
    Total wellness back-massage

    A massage to promote a feeling of total wellness for your back with applications of warm malachite and a back wrap for complete relaxation of the back muscles.

    40 min

    euros 69,00
    Cæsius Massage (sports massage)

    Deep massage with fruit oils and relaxation of muscle and connective tissues bring about a deep regenerative and revitalizing effect.

    50 min

    euros 68,00
    Draining Massotherapy

    Stimulates lymphatic micro-circulation, aiding the drainage of waste fluids.

    50 min

    euros 66,00
    Riflex (sole reflexology)

    A gentle massage of the soles of the feet, by expert hands, enables us to alleviate somatic disorders due to stress and to reactivate the body’s energies.

    40 min

    euros 56,00

    A massage technique imported from the oriental culture, going back thousands of years.
    Applying light pressure on specific energy points, restores equilibrium and vitality to the body.

    50 min

    euros 76,00
    Hawaiian Massage Lomi Lomi Nui

    This Hawaiian massage is also known as “The all-change massage” because it aims to remove all the body’s tensions which are caused by a movement-dysfunction of the muscles and joints. The masseuse utilizes uninterrupted movements totally covering all the body giving the impression of being washed over by the sea. The most important ingredient of this massage is therefore movement which is constant and repeated as it is only through a non-stop action that re-growth and renewal is possible. Warm oil is utilized for this massage which releases a deep feeling of well-being.

    60 min

    euros 88,00
    Specific massage

    This massage aims to reach the areas where specific problems are caused by painful articulate and muscular pressure especially concentrating on the spine and shoulders. This massage is ideal for those who during their holidays want to get rid of those nagging complaints that cause irritation during the working year.

    50 min

    euros 86,00
    Caesius Special Body

    A personalised anti-cellulite and toning full-body massage. The products used are chosen according to one’s personal needs.

    50 Min

    euros 79,00
    Californian Massage

    The Californian massage has been defined as “the massage that touches your soul”, and is an anatomic massage “par excellence” because it touches every part of the body and whoever receives this massage cannot help but be highly impressed by its far-reaching benefits. This massage is aided by the use of essential oils, chosen according to the personal needs of the client and the massage covers the whole body from head to toe. The masseurs’ hands are always in contact with the body and work in a fluid movement totally synchronised with the client’s breathing. This massage is beneficial in re-establishing wellness to a body affected by stress and by both physical and mental fatigue.

    60 Min

    euros 88,00

    A soft and relaxing massage for expectant mothers with natural creams and oils with thermal water.

    50 min euros 65.00

    A single facial and body treatment for your complete well-being and the beauty of your skin. A soft facial peeling and a relaxing massage brighten and moisturise your skin, smoothening it. The combination of a relaxing massage and scented oils makes this experience unique and relaxing for body and soul.

    50 min euros 60,00

    The thai technique consists in wraps and stretching that act upon the SEN energy lines, with a relaxing and purifying effect, increases skin elasticity and body flexibility, relaxes the muscles and provides deep relaxation. It is contraindicated for people who suffer from advanced osteoporosis, severe arthritis and bone and joint problems.

    80 min euros 120,00
  • Beauty Services



    This hair-removal treatment removes hairs one by one by a combination of electrolysis and thermolysis which is called the Bland Method. The electrocoagulation is carried out by needle and is especially recommended for hair which is not rich in melanin (thus grey, red and all fair hair). This professional treatment leaves no unsightly scarring or marks and the result is of a long-lasting depilation and hair-free skin.

    Duration: 15 minutes

    euros 48,00
    Esthetic manicure

    Fingernail beauty treatment including styling, cleansing, and application of protective nail polish.

    Duration: 45 minutes

    euros 37,00
    French manicure

    Fingernail beauty treatment including styling, cleansing and application of protective nail polish with white nail polish finish.

    Duration: 55 minutes

    euros 41,00
    Esthetic pedicure

    Beauty treatment for the feet with nail shaping, cleansing and application of protective nail polish.

    Duration: 45 minutes

    euros 37,00
    French pedicure

    Beauty treatment for the feet with nail shaping, cleansing and application of protective nail polish with white nail polish finish.

    Duration: 55 minutes

    euros 41,00
    Nail polish application

    Duration:15 minutes

    euros 8,00
    Total wax depilation euros 41,00
    Full leg wax euros 38,00
    Half leg wax (up to knee) euros 29,00
    Half leg wax and bikini line euros 35,00
    Underarm wax (with special wax) euros 14,00
    Bikini line wax (with special wax) euros 14,00
    Back wax euros 23,00
    Chest wax euros 23,00
    Upper lip and chin wax (with special wax) euros 6,00
    Arm wax euros 21,00

    The beauty and therapeutic effects of the sun, skilfully applied in order to benefit the guest, as well as satisfying the demands of beauty, appeal and ‘tanning’, helps the immune defences, blood circulation, tissue oxygenation, acceleration of mineral metabolism and calcium production. A specific exposure programme is calculated for every different type of skin, and is administered by technical staff with renowned experience.


    euros 10,00


    euros 18,00
  • Maternity

    Maternity takes nothing away from the beauty and femininity of a woman. In actual fact, it complements them naturally. The Caesius Beauty Center provides a series of treatments specifically dedicated to women during maternity.
    During the pregnancy, the pleasant, gentle, draining and stretching treatments give relief to the body by reducing swelling and heaviness. In the postnatal period, the aim is to gently regain toning, firmness and elasticity in the body’s tissues. The mother is pampered and spoilt with loving, caring treatments, just like the baby, wrapped and protected in the womb.

    • Medical check-up
    • Black- grape body-wrap (this treatment is good for lynfodrainage and for thread-vein repair) or alternatively Olive-oil body-wrap (this is a nourishing treatment improving elasticity of the skin)
    • Thermal shower
    • Kneipp work-out in the thermal waters
    • Relaxation session
    • 2 drinks of Spa Water (good for purifying and eliminating toxins from the body)
    • A light, delicate body massage
    Euros 158,00
    • Medical check-up
    • Olive-oil body- wrap (this is a nourishing treatment improving elasticity of the skin)
    • Thermal shower
    • A guided relaxation session in the thermal waters
    • A lynfodraining body massage
    • 2 drinks of Spa Water (good for purifying and eliminating toxins from the water)
    Euros 180,00



    During all massages, the present of a parent is required. These treatments can be combined with the "Baby Day Spa" plus costs of € 15,00 for the entry and wellness set.


    Soft, relaxing massage with angel oil. After that, there's juice and biscuits.
    Children's age: 4 years and up.

    20 min

    € 30,00

    Relaxing massage with lavender and chamomile oil.

    25 min

    € 35,00

    With chamomile scrub, followed by a soft massage.

     25 min

    € 40,00

    Gentle massage for smooting and polishing of the nails, then transparant nail polish or nail polish in delicate colours is applied.

    25 min

    € 25,00

Thermal Baths & Wellness

Be ready to discover a new meaning to wellness.

To us, it is about covering you with attentions and allowing you to always find us may you need anything, anytime, anywhere. In our Wellness Centre everything has been planned to make sure you remain wide-eyed speechless, while making you experience such strong feelings and emotions that you will believe, even for a moment, that heaven might also be on Earth…and Water.

Medicinal Ayurvedic Centre

The ancient technique key of your well-being

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