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The Sauna

The most important benefits of the Sauna
A sauna helps to regulate blood pressure and blood circulation, it stimulates the metabolism, helps to prevent chills and colds and reinforces the immune system. A sauna stimulates the kidneys, pancreas and the liver, helps the body to eliminate toxins, uric acids, excess fat and body waste. It also aids a fast recuperation after physical exercise by relaxing both the nervous system and the muscles.
A sauna helps to regulate body temperature by making sure that the sweat glands work correctly and this in turn leads to a softer skin, one which is toned, velvet to the touch and elastic. Due to the fact that a sauna enhances the psychophysical balance the body appears immediately invigorated. A sauna also facilitates one’s toleration of sudden temperature change, extreme weather conditions and also increases your pain-threshold.

Useful Tips

Food and drink
Try not to use the sauna with either a full or empty stomach. It is advisable to eat a piece of fruit or to have a light snack a couple of hours before using a sauna.
Before, during and after the sauna remember to re-hydrate your body correctly by drinking water, herbal teas, fruit and vegetable juices or isotonic soft-drinks.

It is not advisable to wear a swimming-costume or tight clothing of any kind (many synthetic fibres emanate toxic substances at high temperatures and can provocate dangerous levels of heat). Please enter the sauna without your costume, preferably covered by a towel or sarong and use the towel to sit or lie on.
NB: the sauna is not a place for indecent exposure and therefore we recommend that you cover-up your intimate body-parts with a small towel to avoid any embarrassing situations.

Please take the following precautions when using the sauna

If you suffer from high blood pressure please seek your doctor’s advice before using the sauna. Please avoid sitting too high up in the sauna and the best position is to lie down, reduce your time in the sauna if necessary and bring yourselves slowly to a sitting position before leaving the sauna. In order to avoid unnecessary pressure on the heart after the sauna, rinse yourselves off with a cool shower starting with the right leg first, followed by the left leg, then the right arm followed by the left and then the rest of your body but avoid plunging the whole body in the plunge-pool.

In the event of low blood pressure try not to sit too high up in the sauna and keep to a sitting position rather than lying down. If necessary reduce your time in the sauna and then have a quick cold shower before immersing the whole body in the plunge-pool.

If pregnant please consult your own doctor before entering the sauna.

When to avoid using the sauna

If you suffer from cardiovascular problems or blood-circulatory problems please seek your doctor’s advice before using the sauna.

Do not use the sauna if you have a high temperature or fever.

Do not use the sauna if you have any inflamed or broken skin ailments (to avoid transmitting to others)

Do not use the sauna if you suffer with varicose veins.

Do not use the sauna if you have your menstrual cycle( you may run the risk of haemorrhage caused by vasodilatation and/or a reduction in the blood’s viscosity)

Frequently asked questions

Does a sauna help to fight-off stress?
A sauna has a relaxing effect on muscles and together with its pain-reducing qualities (raising one’s pain threshold) leads to a decrease in anxiety and daily stress.

Is a sauna specifically for sportsmen and women?
A sauna is a great help for sportsmen and women and is a treatment that is particularly indicated for athletes as it aids a quicker recuperation when fatigued after playing sport (helps quicken the burning-off of toxins and lactic acid which have accumulated during training), it also generates a sedative affect on the nervous system and improves blood circulation which in turn helps to oxygenate the muscles.

If I suffer from muscular problems can I use the sauna?
A sauna can be beneficial for those suffering from muscular problems as the sauna relaxes the muscles whilst at the same time increases the body’s metabolism which in turn accelerates the burning-off of toxic catabolites that form around the injury.

Can you get heat-stroke from using the sauna?
It is possible to get heat-stroke but it certainly can be avoided by recognising the signs: a considerable increase in the heart-beat, a rise in body temperature, feeling generally unwell, suffering from dizziness, feeling weak, stomach ache plus a feeling of being dazed are all symptoms and vital signs which put your body at risk, if you feel any of the above symptoms it is advisable to suspend your time in the sauna.

Is it possible to leave the sauna in a hurry?
Absolutely not ! Low blood pressure can cause dizziness which could lead to fainting thus it is extremely important to get up slowly, leaving the sauna calmly and then once outside have a lie-down for a few minutes so that your blood pressure can gradually return to its normal state.

What is it advisable to do after a sauna?
As a rule a cold shower is advised after a sauna to bring the body temperature back to a normal level and this also cerates a firming effect on one’s skin. It is also beneficial to relax for a while after the sauna so you can reap all the benefits that the steam has had on your skin.

Is a sauna a slimming treatment?
We must put an end to this myth: a sauna does not have any slimming effects. The weight that is lost during time spent in a sauna is linked to liquid-loss through sweating, liquids that are regained once again when you drink something after leaving the sauna. Sweating is beneficial for the burning-off of unwanted toxins.

Can you drink during a sauna?
It is fundamental to reintegrate liquids and mineral-salts that have been lost through sweat. It is however better to avoid sugary soft-drinks or stimulating drinks and above all alcoholic drinks before, during or after the sauna. Apart from still natural-water you can drink herbal teas, fruit and vegetable juices and isotonic soft-drinks.