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Penta-Dietox Evelina Flachi

News 2014…the “Penta-Dietox” diet* according to Dott.ssa Evelina Flachi.

Guests of the Hotel Caesius Thermae & SPA Resort can now adhere to the “Penta-Dietox” diet of well-known nutritionist Dott.ssa Evelina Flachi.

According to the “Penta-Dietox” philosophy, human well-being is based on the delicate balance between 5 key nutrients in our body. Dott.ssa Flachi’s method has the following three goals:



3 – STIMULATING weight loss

The Penta-diet…you can count on the 5!

The diet is based on the concept that certain foods balance the body with its changing biological and psychophysical needs. The Flachi-method includes the following:

- 5 meals a day  (3 main meals and 2 snacks) .

- 5 nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, vegetable fats, vitamins/minerals, fibres)

- the concept of the “5 P” (Primi,Pane,Polenta,Pizza,Patate – pasta/rice, bread, polenta, pizza, potatoes)

The Dietox-Flachi-method is highly detoxifying and alkalescent and takes 3, 5 or 7 days, during which participants drink 8-10 glasses of Caesius low mineralized water daily (also in the form of special drinks and herbal teas).

The dishes of the Penta-diet guarantee a light and tasty nutrition with a combination of foods that cause detoxification and natural weight loss, without the stress of a punitive and restrictive diet!

Dott.ssa Flachi’s method can be tailored to vegetarian and vegan guests and celiac disease sufferers.