Our Products

Hydro-toning olive oil emulsion
Hydro-toning treatment for the maintenance of hydro-lipidic cutaneous deposits.
200 ml. – 38.00 euros

Invigorating olive oil cream
Regenerating emulsion ideal to maintain skin vitality.
50 ml. – 36.00 euros

Shaping Emulgel with red grapes
This treatment, suitable for shaping, detoxifying, and at the same time toning up the body, enhancing one’s figure.
200 ml. – 40.00 euros

Moisturising body cream with green tea
This easily absorbed moisturising body cream helps with loss of body tone. It relaxes and moisturisers dehydrated and aging skin.
200 ml – 20.00 euros

Green-tea shower-gel
A new generation formula of shower-gel prepared with vegetable extracts of green-tea and aloe which moisturise and soften the body.
200 ml – 13.00 euros

Toning and moisturising body-oil
The bio-aromatic body-oil brings back elasticity, firmness and moisture to the epidermis.
100 ml – 22.00 euros

Anti-Age lifting serum
This a new anti-age product, it works by constantly improving the skin condition, it helps to prevent and tone-down wrinkles and creates a smooth, bright, compact and clear skin.
30 ml – 18.00 euros

Anti-age Eye Cream
This cream has a light, soft texture that stimulates the lymph microcirculation, it smooths, decongests, stimulates and tones lines, dark circles, puffy eyes and crow’s feet.
30 ml – 13.00 euros

Moisturising cream with jaluronic acid
Formulated and prepared with a mix of ingredients of vegetable origin, if used regularly the skin becomes visibly more hydrated and keeps the signs of the times at bay.
50 ml – 16.00 euros

Day cream with retinol
Vitamin A (retinol ) helps renew the skin, it smooths, moisturises and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that are fundamental for a firm, elastic skin.
50 ml – 16.00 euros

Biovegetable cleansing milk
This biovegetable cleansing milk contains ingredients that derive from the vegetable kingdom such as aloe, carrot, cucumber that together produce a delicate cleanser. This cleanser is suitable for all skin types and particularly for those showing the first signs of aging.
200 ml – 10.00 euros

Biovegetable toner
This biovegetable toner perfectly compliments the biovegetable cleanser. Its principle active ingredients are orange-flower and carrot and these together revitalize and protect the skin from premature aging, leaving the skin moisturised and fresh.
200 ml – 10.00 euros