Mineral Water Treatments

Its particular composition makes it a precious natural remedy, well tolerated by everyone and particularly suitable in depurative therapy. It can be used in the treating of almost every part of the organism, but in particular the alimentary canal and liver.

Stimulating gastric and pancreatic secretions, the Cæsius Thermal Water improves the digestion and absorption of food. It neutralizes excess acidity in the stomach and the blood, purifies the liver and reduces the tendency to formation and accumulation of fats. It stimulates the production and elimination of bile, prevents the formation of gallstones and inflammation of the gall bladder, it aids digestion and lowers cholesterol levels. It has a mild anti-inflammatory, ant spastic and regenerating action on the bowel and the bile ducts, particularly beneficial to those who suffer from cholecystitis, colitis, irritable colon and Crohn disease (in this last case, as a therapeutic adjuvant).

It aids the modulation of important immune functions of the alimentary canal and therefore can be useful to everyone, at any age, but mainly to those who suffer from digestive disorders, hypercholesterolemia, colitis, alimentary intolerances and frequent infectious pathologies.