Inhalation Treatments

The waters of the Cæsius thermal baths have beneficial usages for inhalation: the liquid, after having been finely divided into minute droplets, can be inhaled for therapeutic purposes.

The inhalation of natural thermal water is appropriate for treating:
· recurrent or chronic rhinitis
· chronic pharyngitis
· tonsillitis
· sinusitis
· recurrent otitis
· bronchitis

The thermal spring water, enriched with whole sea salt becomes more antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, decongestant and nourishing for the tissues.

The oral irrigations are appropriate for:
· stomatitis
· gingivitis
· pyorrhoea

Inhalation therapy Euros 11,00
Aerosol Euros 11,00
Medicated aerosol Euros 16,00
Micronised nasal shower Euros 11,00