The method most used includes four phases:
1. Heating with sauna, caves, rubbing or physical exercise
2. Cooling with showers, baths or wraps
3. Heat reaction with either, rest in a well-covered bed, or with physical exercise
4. Physiotherapy and water gymnastics or massages (especially beneficial in periarthritis of the shoulder and in arthrosis of the hip)

In the application of these treatments, they use warm, lukewarm and cold water baths, appropriate rooms for relaxation and reaction to heat and an outdoor location for air baths, with trees, sun and pure air.

The centre has:
· Baths for individual treatments
· Phlebological course in thermal water
· Pool for group treatments with hydromassage
· Multifunctional pool with hydromassage
· Hydromassage baths for individual treatments

Children under the age of 8 must have an admission of the thermal doctor if they want to use the thermal pools.

Properties and indications

The properties of these baths are manifold:
· blood and lymphatic circulatory reactivation
· decrease in arterial pressure
· relaxation of the muscles in the limbs, abdomen and veins
· increase in diuresis and the elimination of some salts
· feeling of well-being and diminution of pain

The baths can be taken in pure thermal water, or in water with added whole sea salt or carbonic anhydride, or enriched with a mixture of oxygen and ozone.