Restaurants & Bars

At the Hotel Caesius Thermae & SPA Resort we pride ourselves with our healthy cuisine.Excellent cuisine is served in welcoming, elegant and unusual surroundings, with a feast of flavors linked to the area and the impressive traditions of Italian gastronomy.
The talent of our chefs begins with all the seasonal flavours and ends with the most prestigious traditions of Italian cooking bringing you delicious menus from traditional recipes.

Flavour and good-health with a touch of magic: these work together in the kitchens of the Hotel Caesius Thermae & SPA Resort.
Our team in the kitchen worked together in the Gourmet Hotel Collection in Merano in 2009, an innovative culinary festival of international fame, in collaboration with Gourmet’s International, in the GOURMET HOTEL section and had been chosen to participate; an exclusive opportunity given to those of only the highest culinary expertise.