Facial Treatments

Special Cæsius Anti-Age facial treatment

The Cæsius Beauty Centre is pleased to offer its guests a special facial treatment which is perfectly adaptable to every skin  type. This treatment is personally made-up on the spot and is based on the needs of the individual. Thanks to the great experience and knowledge in the art of beauty of  Sabina Bonvissuto this treatment uses powders, oils, creams and masks to give back elasticity to the skin creating a luminous skin-tone and a transparent look to the face.
A real touch of magic for a beauty treatment which will suit every woman today!
Duration: 80 minutes

Euros 206,00

Carita facial treatment (“Carita” is a synonym for luxury, prestige and technology)*

This is an energising and anti-wrinkle treatment especially created to satisfy every woman’s needs. The
tensions of everyday life disappear leaving in their place a pleasant feeling of wellbeing and relaxation
which permits a mature skin to rediscover its youth and radiance. Thanks to the special mix of essential oils,
regenerating concentrated face serums and a specific massage the skin is able to rediscover smoothness,
relaxation and brilliance thus rendering it uniform and compact.
Duration: 60 minutes
Euros 165,00

Age-Repair (Regenerating anti-wrinkle treatment)*
An ultra-intensive anti-wrinkle treatment for stressed, mature or sun-damaged skin. The treatment stimulates a profound regeneration of the skin using active ingredients of plant stem cells. This treatment has a liftingeffect, smoothing-out wrinkles, moisturising and toning the skin leaving it compact, luminous and smooth to the touch- perfect!
Duration: 60 minutes
Euros 165,00

Elasticity treatment ‘Cæsius Thermæ Spa’

The treatment combines the beneficial properties of the thermal waters from our spring, with the manual skills of our specialist staff to enhance the beauty of undernourished, sensitive skin, with little elasticity.
It is the ‘treatment’ for excellence.
Duration: 65 minutes
Euros 93,00

Cleansing facial

A gentle cleansing facial that leaves the skin particularly hydrated and luminous. Cleanses and soothes. Suitable for all skin types.
Duration: 50 minutes
Euros 61,00

Purifying with vitamins (treatment using vitamins from Mediterranean fruits)

This intensive treatment encourages the skin to absorb the active elements contained in the natural extracts of selected Mediterranean fruits. As well as cleansing, this treatment stimulates the renewal of skin cells, resulting in a fresh, luminous and smooth skin.
Duration: 45 minutes
Euros 68,00

Eclaircissante (illuminating, lightening and anti-age spots)

Illuminates and reoxygenates, gives compactness to the skin and carries out a deep anti-oxidizing action on opaque or marked skin. The lightening, anti-mark programme, thanks to an advanced specific formula, efficiently acts against localised marks and dyschromia skin.
Duration: 55 minutes
Euros 71,00

Nourishing (anti-age prevention treatment)

Amazing anti-age treatment thanks to the use of oil of Jojoba and rice-bran extract which are both rich in Omega 3 and 6. This treatment nourishes the skin and prevents the signs of ageing. The skin is left soft and beautiful.
Duration: 60 minutes
Euros 88,00

Collagène Hyaluronique (intensive anti-age treatment)

This intensive anti-age treatment is personally suitable for the actual age of your skin and is based on an exclusive diagnosis carried-out by our beauticians who study your skin and determine a madeto- measure treatment. In this way this treatment is targeted to your own specific problem-areas. New generation active ingredients together with expert knowledge work side by side concentrating on the skin’s luminosity, the filling-in of wrinkles and lines and the calming of sensitive skin. The skin is left soft and beautiful, plump and toned, an experience not to be missed.
Duration: 60 minutes
Euros 88,00

Active Contour (Eye and lip-contour treatment)

Calms swelling, fills-in tiny lines around the eyes. Replenishing lip treatment. Gives firmness, volume and a feeling of freshness.
Duration: 30 minutes
Euros 50,00