Europlan Voucher


If someone is special to us the monetary value of a present is not of importance,

but it is the way, the place and the moment of giving it…

Surprising someone is an art…an unexpected spontaneous gesture and a lot of fantasy

can evoke emotions and in this way increase the value of our gift.

Surprising means making affectionate gestures in unexpected moments,

in extraordinary places with inventive ideas!

According to this notion we want to present you some ideas which could make your stay even more special!

And this is how it works, the online acquisition is really simple:

Choose a gift and the number,

indicate the name of the beneficiary and personalise the voucher with a message of your choice.

Fill in the formular with your dates.

The voucher will be sent directly to the beneficiary.

In order to use it he/she just has to print the attachment of the email and contact the hotel.

If you prefer to hand it over personally you simply need to send it to your own email address so that you will receive the email.

You can then print the voucher and give it to the addressee in person.


We need the details of your credit card which will be charged with the total amount that is not refundable.

The voucher booked online can be used only starting 96 hours after the aquisition in order to allow the elaboration of the payment.

As soon as everything has been paid the beneficiary will receive the voucher on your behalf via email.

Attention: it is necessary to enable pop-ups in order to see the preview of the voucher.