Diagnostic consultations are essential tools for guests to obtain the maximum benefit from their thermal stay. The compulsory medical consultation of admission is important for establishing individual suitability for the thermal treatments.

Medical consultation for admission to the treatments

Hydrotherapy, inhalations, thermal water drinking treatments, physiotherapy treatments, therapeutic massages.
euros 48,00

Thermal, nutritionist, dietetic, phytotherapeutic medical visit

You will be visited by a doctor specialized in Food Science, Thermal Medicine,  Phytotherapy and Oxygen-ozone Therapy, with great experience in treatments using alimentation, plants, water, clay and oxygen-ozone. The doctor will prescribe you the thermal treatments, diet, alimentary integrators, infusions, massages, sport and other healthy activities most appropriate for your build and condition.
euros 129,00
Cardiological examination euros 106,00
Cardiological examination with electrocardiogram (ECG) euros 129,00

Homeopathic Mesotherapy

Homeopathic mesotherapy consists of tiny under the skin injections in certain areas of the body in need of homeopathic help and, if necessary, in a few strategic points along the meridians of Chinese Acupuncture. This therapy has practically no side-effects and is performed by medical experts and is most useful in cases of obesity, hormone imbalances, cellulite, circulatory problems, muscular and joint discomfort, arthritis, hypertension and nervous disposition, metabolism disturbances, degenerative illnesses and neuro-vegetative problems.
euros 48,00