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Chiropractic, from greek Kheir (hand) and eupraxia (healing), is a scientific based degree that studies and treats thoroughly all muscolo-skeletal conditions with great emphasis to the spinal column. With the aid of diagnostic tools and thanks to the most advanced manual therapy technics, among which seats controlled manipulation, chiropractic is able to correct and more often resolve many pain related conditions.

Chiropractic profession is vastly known throughout Europe, in America it represents the most approached alternative medicine in regard to muscolo-skeletal conditions. Chiropractic degree is a seven years full time course, divided into an initial three years of general medicine e four years of chiropractic specialization with more than a thousand hours of internship practice in a chiropractic clinic. Worldwide chiropractic profession is represented and ruled by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) in order to provide highly qualified doctors and standards, in Italy there are less than 200 qualified chiropractic doctors.

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