Baths and Body Wraps

THE “RASUL” The clay ritual
The regenerative technique of the Ancient Roman thermal baths is a treatment with extremely purifying powers due to 3 different types of warm clay being applied to the face, neck and body, that help to eliminate toxins. The skilled combination of the four elements, water, fire, earth and steam, allow one to relive the intoxicating experience of the ancient ritual.
The increase in temperature aids the drying out of the clay on the skin with ‘dry’ absorption, so that the subsequent introduction of steam restores the clay to its liquid state, allowing it to be absorbed through the skin. Finally a tropical rain with essential oils comes into contact, first with the layer of humid clay and then with the body’s skin, facilitating the absorption of the properties of both components with great effectiveness. Detoxifying and rehydrating for the skin, the Oriental ‘Rasul’ Bath also brings benefits to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, improving general psychophysical conditions.

- 1 person, 60 mins. Price: 66.00 Euros
- 2 people, 75 mins. Price: 41.00 Euros per person

- 3 people, 75 mins. Price: 31.00 Euros per person

ORIGINAL MOROCCAN HAMMAM - An ancient purification ritual
The tradition of the Turkish Bath dates back 800 years and its origins lie in the Orient where both mind and body bathe in the warm atmosphere and softly-lit Hammam. The ritual begins by preparing and cleansing the skin with black soap before entering the warm room heated by a continuous flow of aromatic steam, this is followed by a pleasurable exfoliation massage of the skin whilst lying on a heated marble bed. The body is then washed with warm water and then covered with special oils to conclude the treatment.

- for 1 person, approx. 60 mins. 81.00 Euros
- for 2 people, approx. 90 mins. 132.00 Euros

MILK AND HONEY WRAP IN A WATERBED Moisturising, protecting, softening, nourishing and smoothing body treatment. Ideal for dry and dehydrated skin. Duration 45 minutes Euros 71,00
WHITE MUD WRAP IN A WATERBED Purifying and remineralising body treatment. The addition of salt stimulates osmotic action, resulting in the elimination of excess liquids. Duration 45 minutes Euros 71,00
OLIVE OIL OR RED GRAPES BODY WRAP IN A WATERBED Body treatment with a draining, detoxifying and soothing effect for those who have problems with cellulite, water retention and excess localised fat. The effect is long-lasting. Duration 45 minutes Euros 71,00
BATH WITH DEAD-SEA SALT AND OLIVE-OIL Relaxing, softening, smoothing and elasticising body treatment. Duration 20 minutes Euros 33,00
BATH WITH DEAD-SEA SALT AND BLACK GRAPES This is a draining and toning treatment that aids muscular tension. Duration 20 minutes Euros 33,00