Sustainable Energy

Dear Guest,
We are pleased to announce that our establishment has been admitted to the International Network In the category of “RESPONSIBLE HOTEL”. 

In order to constantly better our service and in order to honour our membership as a “RESPONSIBLE HOTEL” we formally commit ourselves to all our guests by presenting the their list of rights.

Our Guest’s Rights
The management and staff of the Hotel Caesius Thermae SPA & Resort are committed to offering all their guests a “responsible service” guaranteeing all guests a healthy and safe environment as well as a courteous and attentive manner which is not just a formality but our way of working in our organization.
• Hygiene and safety are our daily commitment through certified sanitation rules and regular check-ups.
• Our guest has the right to a daily change of towels and all the bed linen unless he has chosen to adhere to the “ecological” choice for the reduction of the utilization of damaging substances.
• We constantly control all foods and beverages to a healthy standard applying the H.A.C.C.P method: to this end we make daily checks on the hygiene levels in all areas where food is prepared, cooked and conserved.
• The organoleptic quality and taste of our dishes are of the utmost importance and are checked daily by our chefs and natural, biological, healthy products are used where possible to enhance the health of our guests.
• We are constantly checking the quality of our service together with guest satisfaction and we are delighted to hear your comments, both positive and negative.
We can’t promise “never to make mistakes” but you have our word that we will do whatever it takes to satisfy our guest’s requirements.

The Hotel Caesius Thermae pledges to respect the environment through a multi- year programme of a reduction in rare natural sources or non-renewable sources consumption like water, air or energy.
Lighting in the rooms is permissible through an automatic disconnection switch which becomes activated or deactivated through the insertion of the card or room key.
Lighting in communal areas and in the corridors is activated by a light or movement sensor.
In all areas where possible we use low energy light-bulbs.
Controllable software is available in various areas for the comfortable regulation of room temperature both in winter and summer.

If a window is opened in the bedrooms a sensor triggers the turning-off of the air-conditioning.
Hot water is produced from heat pumps that re-use the energy made from the cold water cycle from the air-conditioning system in the hotel.
The showers have been installed with low water-flow spray nozzles “less water, less energy, same well-being”.
The Hotel Caesius Thermae pledges to help to reduce the impact that this sector obviously has on the environment by maintaining the recycling of rubbish and trying to use recycled goods where possible. Rubbish recycling is divided into the following types of rubbish: paper, glass and aluminum, plastic, organic and other waste products. This recycling takes part in all areas of the hotel.
The software used in the running of the hotel and for internal communications means that we can reduce to a minimum the amount of paper used and the paper we use for printing is then recycled.
All paper used in our offices is branded recycled, stamped with the biological-label and there is no usage of bleached paper.
All the detergents used in all the different departments of the hotel are mainly biological products.

If you would like to help the Hotel Caesius Thermae in its fight to save the environment you can follow any of the suggestions featured below:
• Leave your car in our garage and use our bicycles wherever possible to get out and about or why not make use of our shuttle bus service or other types of public transport.
• Only use the water that you really need, try not to leave taps running and why not have a shower instead of running a bath.
• Throw your rubbish away in our recycling bins, please do not throw any rubbish into the toilets.
• Please inform our staff of any leaking taps etc, even if very small (one drop of water can add up to 10 litres a day)
• Help us reduce the usage of water and detergents simply by leaving the towels that really need changing on the floor in the bathrooms. Towels left hanging up will be left for your re-use.
• Choose seasonal local food and beverages.

“When you have cut down the last tree, caught the last fish and polluted the last river, you will know you cannot eat money.”

Northern American Indian saying.