With us, good cuisine is a daily art

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With us, good cuisine is a daily art

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With us, good cuisine is a daily art

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With us, good cuisine... is a daily art

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Accommodating your needs whenever present is our home recipe.

Accommodating your needs whenever present is our home recipe.

We are committed to our superb combination of maximum quality and ample variety, which brings you a surprisingly wide range of options to choose from. Our dishes satisfy every palate.
In the same way, we are able to offer the best possible service for every sort of requirement or occasion, it being a dietary necessity or a celebration. We will personally make sure that every single detail, as well as every single wish, is taken care of.

Dietetic kitchen

The “Penta-Dietox” diet* according to Dott.ssa Evelina Flachi


Guests of the Hotel Caesius Thermae & SPA Resort can now adhere to the “Penta-Dietox” diet of well-known nutritionist Dott.ssa Evelina Flachi. According to the “Penta-Dietox” philosophy, human well-being is based on the delicate balance between 5 key nutrients in our body.

  • Dott.ssa Flachi’s method has the following three goals: Detosifying / Boosting purifying and metabolic functions / Stimulating weight loss
  • The Penta-diet…you can count on the 5! The diet is based on the concept that certain foods balance the body with its changing biological and psychophysical needs. The Flachi-method includes the following: 5 meals a day (3 main meals and 2 snacks) / 5 nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, vegetable fats, vitamins/minerals, fibres)
  • the concept of the “5 P” (Primi,Pane,Polenta,Pizza,Patate – pasta/rice, bread, polenta, pizza, potatoes)

The Dietox-Flachi-method is highly detoxifying and alkalescent and takes 3, 5 or 7 days, during which participants drink 8-10 glasses of Caesius low mineralized water daily (also in the form of special drinks and herbal teas).
The dishes of the Penta-diet guarantee a light and tasty nutrition with a combination of foods that cause detoxification and natural weight loss, without the stress of a punitive and restrictive diet!
Dott.ssa Flachi’s method can be tailored to vegetarian and vegan guests and celiac disease sufferers.

Dinner is served!

Eat and sleep in the same place!


Experience the atmosphere of Hotel Caesius enjoying tastes and flavours of our cooking proposals. 360° of well-being and pleasure.

Only for our guests it is possible to try the cuisine of our Restaurant Benacus and the sweets of our confectionery.
Enjoy a 5 course-meal at choice (drinks not included). Rate € 29,00 per person.

Book now! tel. +39 045 7219 100


A good day begins in the morning…and we like to please you right from your awakening.


The famous breakfast at Caesius represents the real strength of our restaurant, a rich buffet of delicacies consisting of the best local ingredients and homemade sweets.
We also consider well-being and nature, dedicating part of the buffet to biological, gluten-free products and to the various diets suggested by our doctors.

When you think of breakfast, think of a rich breakfast buffet spread out on the splendid terrace of the Hotel Caesius Thermae & SPA resort, just the right way to start the new day. Fresh air, a gentle breeze in your hair, a laden table and your gaze that is lost admiring the wonderful scenery: even having breakfast is a truly wonderful experience for all your senses.

Ayurvedic Cuisine

Organic and fresh food, the art of using spices is closely connected with the teaching of Ayurveda.


In our restaurant, the chef will delight you every day, with dishes prepared in accordance with the various phases of your treatment. Only the best ingredients are used by us, for the greater part, biological, and all the dishes are fresh and prepared at the moment.

We never use precooked or reheated food. The result is delicious and healthy food, that stimulates and satisfies all the senses.

The intelligent use of herbs and spices, gives not only more taste to the food, but makes it more easily digestible, so increasing the success of your treatment. Our chef, who is an expert in his profession, guarantees that the use of spices completes every dish and satisfies all tastes.

Banquets and Ceremonies

The Hotel Caesius offers a wonderful, unique setting for an unforgettable banquet or ceremony.


Many years of experience from the Europlan Group is made available to all our guests in order to organise a cherished, personal event.

An attentive service and a rich tasty cuisine all add up to an experience which has no equal in terms of value for money.

Restaurants & Services

You will find out that even sitting at the table can become an experience.

Actually, it has to. This is the core principle that guides our chefs and staff every single day, when they decide on how to satisfy all your sense, none excluded. The cuisine of the Hotel Caesius is a refined combination between international traditions and typical specialties of Lake Garda. It is thanks to the union of these two worlds that you will be able to experience unexpected and superior flavours.

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