Ayurvedic slimming week

An appropriate diet that prevents illness is the true essence of a healthy and happy life-style.

Ayurveda or the “science of life” date back to the ancient civilisation of Vedic. This medicine has been practised in India for thousands of years and it is the most ancient of all medical systems used in the treatment of beauty and well-being for both the mind and the body. The Ayurveda system comprises various approaches for the achievement of healthy well-being and includes: a personalised food-plan, regular hygienic practises, use of specific Ayuveda products, detoxing treatment,music, massages using aromatic oils, physical exercise and breathing exercises.

According to Ayurveda each individual is made-up of a combination of three principles (Dosha) : Vata, Pitta and Kapha and the prevailing principles determine fundamentally which typology one is.

- Full-Board for 7 days
- Full medical check-up at the beginning of your stay with pulse-rate check and a weigh-in.
- A personalised treatment programme and diet.
- Six sessions of physical exercise daily with a personal trainer
- Medical expert on call daily (except Sundays)
- Walks and bike-rides along the lake front
- Herbal Ayuvvedic teas
- Medical consultation at the end of your stay with a weigh-in.

During your stay :
Unlimited use of the indoor and outdoor pools, well-being areas with Finnish Sauna, warm-rooms, Mediterranean Sauna, Emotional showers (water-jets of various strength and form), ice-water-fall, relaxing-areas, thermal zone with thermal pool and salt-water pool, water-jets.

The best day to arrive for this offer is Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday so you can take full advantage of the Ayurvedic medical team

N.B.The Ayurvedic treatments prescribed by the doctor are not included in the above price and are to be charged separately

Price per week/person in double room from
from 06/01/15 to 02/04/15 € 1.246,00
from 03/04/15 to 30/04/15 € 1.337,00
from 01/05/15 to 13/05/15 € 1.575,00
from 14/05/15 to 10/07/15 € 1.673,00
from 11/07/15 to 05/09/15 € 1.757,00
from 06/09/15 to 30/10/15 € 1.673,00
from 04/10/15 to 10/10/15 € 1.575,00
from 11/10/15 to 31/10/15 € 1.337,00

Price in double room single use
from 06/01/15 to 02/04/15 € 1.246,00 (no supplement for single use)
from 03/04/15 to 30/04/15 € 1.337,00 (no supplement for single use)
from 01/05/15 to 13/05/15 € 1.750,00
from 14/05/15 to 10/07/15 € 1.883,00
from 11/07/15 to 05/09/15 € 2.002,00
from 06/09/15 to 03/10/15 € 1.883,00
from 04/10/15 to 10/10/15 € 1.750,00
from 11/10/15 to 31/10/15 € 1.337,00 (no supplement for single use)

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