Ayurvedic Centre

The Hotel Cæsius is the first hotel complex in Italy to have a perfectly equipped Ayurvedic Centre for health and well-being, supervised by physicians and greatly experienced technicians, where guests are able to take advantage of a personalised treatment programme, determined after an in-depth initial diagnostic interview.
The personalised applications go towards improving one’s lifestyle and psychophysical equilibrium.

Furthermore, the consultation at the end of one’s stay, recommends the necessary practices for a progressive and stable well-being.
In Sanskrit, the language in which some of the first sacred texts of humanity were transmitted, “Ayur” means “Life” and “Veda” means “Science or Knowledge“.
Ayurveda, Science of Life, draws wisdom from an ancient philosophical view, going back thousands of years, and has the purpose of taking care of human life in its manifold aspects (environmental, psychological, physical and behavioural).

Within a complete diagnostic picture, the ayurvedic treatments are personalised to the point of intervening with the most suitable means for the equilibration of every single individual.
The service offered by the Ayurvedic Centre of the Hotel Cæsius Thermæ Spa overcomes the fragmentation that has recently hit such practices, aiming, through an overall vision, to satisfy every individual’s needs.
Alimentation and beauty treatments are just some of the benefits available at the centre, which offers an even broader range of treatments.