The origins of Ayurveda or the “science of life” date back to the ancient civilisation of Vedic. This medicine has been practised in India for thousands of years and it is the most ancient of all medical systems used in the treatment of beauty and well-being for both the mind and the body. The Ayurveda system comprises various approaches for the achievement of healthy well-being and includes: a personalised food-plan, regular hygienic practises, use of specific Ayuveda products, detoxing treatment, music, massages using aromatic oils, physical exercise and breathing exercises.

The only fully-comprehensive centre for Ayurvedic Medicine in the whole of Italy can be found at the Thermal and Climatic Centre at the Hotel Caesius in Bardolino, Lake Garda.

The hotel Caesius Terme offers an opportunity to practise Ayurveda with a complete diagnostic- therapeutic cycle according to the ancient classic tradition assisted each step of the way by our Doctor Silvano Pomari (expert in ayurvedic Medicine ) and highly qualified staff.

Ayurveda Intensive Week

Yoga and Ayurveda: paradise on earth

Wellness for body and soul.

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Ayurvedic Slimming Week

An appropriate diet for a healthy

and happy life-style.

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Ayurvedic Week

A complete diagnostic-therapeutic cycle

according to the ayurvedic tradition.

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